Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Are You Touching?

As usual after coming back from Dragon*Con (read my report on the Fans For Christ web site) I have a lot of thoughts about God.  This year it started to hit me just how many people we touch there.  

A few years ago we had an atheist come up to our fan table and talk to us.  He said (and I'm paraphrasing as I don't remember his exact words) "I don't believe in God but I've seen you guys around for the last few years and really admire what you're doing and how you're conducting yourselves.  Keep it up."  An avowed atheist told us to keep promoting Christ!  Maybe a seed was planted in his heart that the Spirit will water.

Every year my family goes to the Yule Ball, a Harry Potter themed party.  It's a lot of fun to us since there are great costumes, dancing, and a lot of our friends go.  This year I had three different groups of people come up to me and say how much they enjoyed our church service and the message.

One of the people who came to our service was Rick Goins of channel 57, WATC, in Atlanta.  It is a Christian station and he is a host of their show, Atlanta Live.  He was very impressed and surprised by our fan group and the service.  So much so that today I recorded an interview with him.  That interview about Fans For Christ and con ministry will be broadcast to Christians and others all over the metro Atlanta area.

Obviously we are touching people in an amazing way and God is using this ministry to spread His message.  I'm so humbled to be allowed to take part in this and am so excited to see hints of what else He has in store.

Every year at the con we see street-preachers, some of them holding up big signs saying "Repent" or talking about sinners going to Hell.  While I don't disagree with what they are saying, I sincerely disagree with how they are going about it.  Even many Christians are put off by the method of the message, and non-Christians certainly avoid them.  I can promise you that we touch more people in a few hours than those guys do in four days.  While they have the same message that we do, the presentation is what draws or repels people.

What are you doing in your own life?  How are you touching those you come into contact with?  You don't have to be a minister or go to a con to show people Jesus.  We need to learn to show people the Gospel and Christ's Light in everything we do and say.  For the next few days pay attention to those around you, and really notice your interactions.  Are you making people want to find God, or chasing them away?  Or can people even tell that you're a Christian?

I once heard a very wise statement.  "Be the Bible you want people to read."  I sincerely believe that this is true.  Sometimes you're the only Gospel that people will notice.  Make sure they want to learn more.