Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wal-Mart Wins

Over Christmas there was an unusual snowfall in Georgia (where I live).  It was the first White Christmas since 1882. I won't get started on a "global warming" rant here....The snow fell on Saturday, and by Sunday morning many churches in our town had put out notices that they were cancelling service.  My own church was open, but we had only about 30% of our normal attendance.  I know it's the South and schools get closed for flurries (not kidding!), but the roads were clear and not dangerous, even on the side-streets.

As we were sitting in church my wife leaned over to me and said "I'll bet Wal-Mart's parking lot isn't empty."  And you know, she was right.  We did go to Wal-Mart that afternoon and there didn't seem to be any lack of people there.

What does it say when people think it's too icy to attend church but not too bad to go to Wal-Mart?  When did it start being okay to risk bad weather for after-Christmas sales but not for worshiping God?  Our priorities are pretty messed up when Wal-Mart wins out over Christ.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspiration from Tron

I have gotten to know Christian novelist and blogger M.B. Weston through Dragon*Con and my involvement with Fans For Christ.  She recently posted some ideas of spiritual truths from the new movie, Tron: Legacy.

I love the concept Kevin Flynn taught to his apprentice, Quorra. He taught that as a means of preventing yourself from being selfish, take yourself out of the equation. Instead of worrying how the outcome of a certain choice might effect you, think instead of how it will effect others. Only then can you make an objective choice.

We all have a choice:
  • We can choose to wake up, get our coffee, go to work, come home, and sleep--taking no interest in the world around us. Quite mundane, and very safe, but wouldn't you like to be part of something bigger?
  • We can choose to participate in the adventure, to take ourselves out of the equation and actively seek to play a role in God's story. (Note: This looks different for everyone, as we all have different talents and life circumstances. No judging allowed here!)
I encourage everyone to go to her blog and read more of the details.  It's a great concept and I love getting inspiration from geek-related pop culture.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks #5: The Bible

In case you haven't noticed, my thanks aren't in any particular order.

Yes, I'm thankful for God and Christ for some obvious reasons.  But I'm very thankful that God gave us the Bible.  This collection of writings has been with us for thousands of years and is available for anyone to read.  We can talk to God but we don't always quickly and easily hear an answer.  With the Bible we can go to God's words any time and anywhere.  We have advice, stories, comforting words, and anything we need.  It's also not just for us, but for pretty much anyone.  It's been translated into most languages and has been spread around the world.  Though Jesus is our intercessor, the Bible is the real way to getting to know God properly.  And despite many attempts over the centuries to suppress or discredit it, God has made sure that it's always around.  I give thanks that God gives us this book to understand Him better, and therefore ourselves better.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks #4: My Kids

Like any children, my kids can sometimes get on my nerves.  My wife and I have also pondered what our lives would be like without the kids....more money, more freedom, less stress...  But both our son and daughter were wanted, and they still are.  Despite any hardships, I really do love them.

My son is a very sweet child, always asking for and giving hugs. For the most part he's kind, considerate, and helpful.  There's nothing quite like him coming up simply to give a big hug.  Plus, he has as many geeky interests as I do, and he's someone I can share movies with.

My daughter is such a study in contradictions.  She's all about girly clothes and anything pink, yet she likes lizards and bugs, is rarely scared, and doesn't get grossed out.  Her food tastes are almost identical to mine, which is nice since my wife doesn't have to fix certain foods for just me. She has a special interest in her Swedish heritage (though my father), which is nice to share.

God has given me great kids that are healthy and well-behaved (most of the time).  I'm truly blessed and thankful.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks #3: My Wife

This may be a pretty obvious thanks, but it's very much worth mentioning.  I am so incredibly thankful for my wife.  And we met under uncommon circumstances, so I know God had a hand.  We were both living in Nashville and were single but searching.  As part of that search, we found a singles line on a local secular pop music station.  This was the kind of program where you could leave messages and browse profiles for free, but you had to pay a 1-900 number to retrieve messages left for you.  I had just started looking, and she had been doing it for a while but was about to give up.  She was a Christian all of her life and I had found faith in Christ for only a month.  We were from very different backgrounds and interests, yet over the last 12 years we have merged and blended until we are each others' perfect match. Only God could bring together people of such dissimilar origins in such a unique way.

My wife is my best friend and biggest supporter who I rely on heavily.  I am so thankful to God that He brought her into my life.