Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks #4: My Kids

Like any children, my kids can sometimes get on my nerves.  My wife and I have also pondered what our lives would be like without the kids....more money, more freedom, less stress...  But both our son and daughter were wanted, and they still are.  Despite any hardships, I really do love them.

My son is a very sweet child, always asking for and giving hugs. For the most part he's kind, considerate, and helpful.  There's nothing quite like him coming up simply to give a big hug.  Plus, he has as many geeky interests as I do, and he's someone I can share movies with.

My daughter is such a study in contradictions.  She's all about girly clothes and anything pink, yet she likes lizards and bugs, is rarely scared, and doesn't get grossed out.  Her food tastes are almost identical to mine, which is nice since my wife doesn't have to fix certain foods for just me. She has a special interest in her Swedish heritage (though my father), which is nice to share.

God has given me great kids that are healthy and well-behaved (most of the time).  I'm truly blessed and thankful.

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