Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What The Heck Is A Ninjate?

So here I go again, entering into the blogosphere on another adventure. My other blog is about my life as a veterinarian, with pet tips, anecdotes, and so on. This blog is going to be more about my Christianity and related issues. I hope that something here inspires or at least interests people.

The idea for doing this stemmed from a recent sermon/message I gave. Being regular sci-fi/fantasy convention attendees, my family and I were at ConNooga in Chattanooga last weekend. I am part of a Christian fan/geek group called Fans For Christ, and we attend the cons as a group, sharing our love of God to other attendees and fans. For the last few years, we have held church services at ConNooga and Dragon*Con, with me giving the message. The sermons I give have a Biblical basis, but are couched in terms that relate to the people at the cons. I do this to emulate Jesus and the Apostles. When they told parables and gave analogies, they did so using examples and themes that the people of that day (their audience) would understand. I use the same philosophy to mold my messages to themes and ideas that these fans can relate to.

So what does this have to do with "ninjate"? The theme of my latest message was "Pirates vs. Ninjas". This is a common argument and discussion with which any geek will be familiar. As my first several posts, I'll talk about the characteristics of pirates and ninjas, and how we can use those traits to guide our walks as Christians. So stay tuned and hold on for the ride!

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