Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Lately my wife has been worried about finances. Heck, in this day and time, who isn't? It's been a real burden to us and we've fretted more than we should. Sometimes it's hard to realize that God is actually watching over us when things get so rough.

A few days ago my wife heard about children needing sponsorship through Compassion International through a local Christian radio station. Something really drew her to that and she followed the link to look into it. As she was looking through the pictures, there was one little boy from Columbia that she thought was cute. He had been listed for six months without receiving a sponsor. What clinched it was that his birthday is on the same day as our son's. She saw that as a sign, and signed up to sponsor him for $32 per month.

Her heart told her that everything was going to be okay, despite the extra money we would be spending each month. She started realizing that perhaps we were thinking about it wrong. You see, we had been praying to have an increase in our finances so that we could give more. But God kind of looks at it a different way. We need to give more to show God that we can be generous with His money, and that we trust that He will provide for us.

So she gave. And we will give more every month. She has been feeling such a sense of peace since then. And even better, we realized that our satellite bill had actually gone down, and our cell phone bill had reduced a little from what we had been used to. All totaled about $40 per month. Not bad for us paying out an extra $32.

If you feel that you don't have enough money, try something radical. Give more. Find a church or reputable charity and give more of your money. If you trust God, you might just be surprised that not only will he cover the money, but increase it. Try it.

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