Sunday, February 21, 2010

God's Mysterious Blessings

It's been a year since I started this blog, right after ConNooga 2009.  We just got back from this year's ConNooga, and it was incredible! 

My wife won the title of Ms. ConNooga and now is the spokesperson for the con for the next year.  This is something she has been wanting since last year, and wants to use it to spread the message of the fan group we belong to, Fans For Christ.

I made contacts with a Christian sci-fi/fantasy author and a Christian role-playing game designer.  I've been toying around with making a fantasy RPG setting, and the editor/designer actually encouraged me to become an official licensee with their company.

We had a great church service, met many new people, and strengthened existing friendships.  And through it all, God was glorified!

My wife and I truly felt like we were God's favored children this weekend! We both had amazing experiences, and moved closer to our dreams.  And it was all because we were there with God as our focus. 

That's a great lesson for us all to keep in mind.  God wants us to be happy!  He wants our dreams fulfilled.  Now, he's not going to do that if we're out there trying to make it on our own or defying Him.  But when we work for Him...when we do His will...when we put Christ first in our lives and in what we do...then the blessings of God start to wash over us, and amazing things happen.

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