Thursday, April 15, 2010

Selling Your Soul?

Did you hear about an online retailer in the United Kingdom that had a clause in its online agreement that the customers agreed to effectively sell their soul to the company? it here.  Now apparently it was an April Fool's joke, and they're not actually planning on collecting.  And it does prove a good point that most people don't read the disclaimers and agreements on web sites and software.  I'll admit that I don't!  However, it also brings up an interesting discussion.

First, many people may not believe that we have souls at all, so there is nothing to be sold or traded.  As a Christian, I certainly believe in a soul that existed before my mortal form and will exist long after it.  Can I sell my soul?  No, I don't think so.  But I can decide where it will end up.  In 1998 I made a choice that I would follow Christ and give my heart to Him.  At that point my soul became linked with Jesus.  Truthfully, our souls belong only to God, no matter what we do with Him or ourselves.  He created us, and so we belong to him.  But He doesn't force us to be with Him if that's not what we want.  And that's how people can end up in Hell.

A company or individual can't have our souls.  It's simply impossible.  Even Satan can only harbor our souls when we reject Christ.  Whether that soul ends up in Heaven or Hell is entirely up to our choice and what we decide to do about Jesus.  I know what I've done with my soul.  What about you?

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