Sunday, January 16, 2011

God--The Adventure Hero!

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today:

"Life is an adventure. And you know, the adventure never really begins until everything goes wrong...And then you get to watch the Lord work." -Pastor Jay Stark

I love this quote and it got me thinking about adventure stories and heroes.  For example, let's look at that classic adventurer, Indiana Jones.  We know that he's pretty amazing and can do some spectacular things:  running away from huge boulders, climbing along the underside of a truck while it's moving, falling out of a crashing plane with a rubber raft as a parachute, guiding a runaway mine cart along broken tracks, racing speedboats through the canals of Venice, defeating ancient death-traps...and let's not forget the whip!  Indy accomplishes things that no normal person could ever do and pulls victory out of certain defeat.

But all of these great feats come when he's in danger and when things seem to be going wrong.  Remember that Indy is also a college professor.  How many amazing things do you think he performs in front of his students?  Now this isn't a comment against teachers.  I've taught college Biology, so I count myself as one.  But I can't recall anything happening in a class or lab that would be beyond the capabilities of just about anyone to handle.  I also never faced danger in the classroom.  If Dr. Jones had stayed in his classroom, he would have been much safer but we also wouldn't be telling stories about him.

God is the same way.  If everything is going smoothly and there are no challenges, there is no way for His miracles to show.  What kind of miracle can happen when everyone is well, there is plenty of money in the bank, and the car is working fine?  But when things start to fall apart and everything seems hopeless...that's when our Heavenly Adventure Hero can show what He's made of!  So the next time things seem bleak, remember that those times are there so that God can show how awesome He is!

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