Friday, January 6, 2012

Define "Christian"

Here's a question for the couple of people reading this blog...what is a "Christian"?  That's something that has been puzzling me lately.  I've seen the title of Christian be used to describe plenty of people that I think are only marginally Christian as well as those who may give lip-service to the Bible but don't actually live according to the teachings of Jesus.  So what does it really mean?

It's not as easy as many might think.  Some of my friends have defined Christian as someone who has accepted Jesus as their savior, and as the intercessor for their sins.  Technically, that is correct.  However, that rather simplistic definition includes many people that are outside of mainstream Christianity and who hold beliefs contrary to the Bible, such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.  So do we need a stricter definition?  Well, that makes sense, but who is going to write it?  The New Covenant that came with Jesus' death is supposed to free us from laws and regulations, not put us under more.  Christianity is supposed to be about freedom, not a checklist of do's and don'ts to "qualify" for heaven.

I'm still struggling with figuring it out, but I think that we should go back to the original meaning.  "Christian" was used in an almost derogatory manner and very simply means "little Christ".  To me this means that we should act like Christ.  We should be little examples of Jesus.  When someone looks at us they should be able to see Christ in us and through our actions. 

So how do we become miniatures of Jesus?  Reading and studying the Bible, especially the New Testament.  I've started a personal Bible study where I'm going through the Gospels and looking at how Jesus acted. Not what he said, but what he did.  How he treated people, when he prayed, who he hung around, and so on.  My goal is to be a little Christ, to figure out how to act like Him.  Once I learn that, then maybe I'll start to truly earn the title of Christian.

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  1. Just like the saying "WWJD"...What would Jesus Do? Nice post!