Monday, January 11, 2010

God's Imensity

Do you know just how big the universe is?  God created all of it, and He's pretty big, so His creation must be big also.  Check out this video.  Seriously!  Take the six minutes and watch it all of the way through.  It's worth it, trust me (and click on the bottom right corner to make it full-screen).

Are you back?  Did you catch all of that?  The universe is pretty stinkin' huge!  And we're pretty stinkin' small.  Compared to the immensity of all of creation, we are less than a tiny blip.  God created this universe, so He is even larger than it is.  Kind of gives you a bit of perspective, doesn't it?  Centuries ago religious leaders and scientists believed that everything revolved around the Earth and that our planet was the center of the universe.  They had no idea of the truth, of how insignificant we really are.

Or are we?  God knows us.  He knows YOU.  He can count every hair on your body and has known you since before you were born.  He knows every little thing about you and your life.  This being who created the whole, huge universe knows you personally and intimately.  He cares about what goes on in your life and he loves you so much.

Many people think that God is too big for them.  That He has too much to worry about to help with their little problems.  That He is too busy doing other things to look down at them.  Nothing could be farther than the truth.  We should be amazed that someone as big as Him actually does care.  Never forget that.  As big as He is, nothing about us is too small to love and care.

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