Monday, January 18, 2010

The Little Blessings

A week ago during the recent cold weather a pipe burst in our garage, flooding it and part of our downstairs.

My car is old and run-down, and is slowly falling apart.  Most recently, the turn signals simply stopped working.

I wasn't going to be able to make a Bible study tonight because I had agreed to work an extra day on my day off.

Do you ever feel that things aren't going your way?  That things keep breaking or going wrong?  It happens to all of us at some time or another.  And it's frequent during these times that we wonder where God is.  After all, if He really cares about us, why do bad things keep happening?  When our bills are already behind, why does He allow the car to break down?  We pray and pray and things keep going against us.  It's enough to make us doubt whether or not God is listening or even cares.

But are we really overlooking that small, quiet voice of God?  Sometimes He speaks to us softly, and if we're not really listening we might miss it.

When the pipe broke we were home and awake.  I had just been downstairs 20-30 minutes prior to it happening, so the flooding was minimal.  The pipe was easy to get to, and the next day it took me about $30 worth of parts and about 10 minutes time to fix it.  What if we hadn't been home?  What if we had been asleep?  What if it was something that we needed to call a plumber to fix?  God's little blessings kept it from being worse.

Earlier this week the turn signals suddenly started working again.  Sure, the car is still in relatively bad condition, but it's not unsafe to drive.  We can't afford a new one yet, and God helped with a small thing to keep it driveable.

Work was slow today, and I was working with another vet who said that I could go home early.  I ended up getting off work two hours early and was able to attend the Bible study.

God does care, so very, very much.  Listen for that little voice, and look for the small blessings.  They're there, just waiting for us to notice.

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