Monday, May 31, 2010

Something Negative About God?

It's Day 1 on my quest to do The Love Dare with God.  Today's challenge was a little strange.  I was supposed to spend the day not saying anything negative about my "spouse".  Well, what could I say negative about God? 

Plenty, actually, if I really wanted to.  Money is tight, I'm not exactly in the job I want, my car is a few bolts away from falling apart, I have staff stresses at work, and so on.  God put me here at this moment and in this location for a reason.  So if everything isn't exactly perfect, then it's His fault, right?  Many people would think so, cursing God for all of the trials and tribulations of life.  That's what Job was tempted with.  And though he didn't curse God, he certainly questioned why those things were happening to him.  Many of us could fall into the same situation and feel the same way.

When you love someone you shouldn't criticize them out of spite.  Yes, constructive criticism is okay, but it's easy to go from helpful to hurtful.  And when it comes to Jesus and God they are perfect so any criticism is completely unfounded. 

So how do you spend a day avoiding saying anything negative about God?  Well, first you do just that.  You don't complain about your circumstances since God put you in them.  You don't get mad at His creation, and you wait patiently through it.  Above all, you seek to find the beautiful and positive things in the world around you.  God loves us and only wants the best for us.  He truly wants us to be happy.  How can we be negative about that?

One day down, 39 to go.

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