Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lust Or Love?

Here's a weird question.  Do you love God, or do you lust for him?  Bear with me for a second on this one. 

Let's look at what the two things are.  Think about lust first.  That's usually used in a sexual connotation, but can be used for any strong, overwhelming desire.  Related to God, that's good, right?  But how long does lust last?  Normally it's something intense but brief.  You lust, have the feeling fulfilled, then move on.  Lust isn't lasting, and won't sustain a relationship.  Eventually the lust fades and then you find other desires.  Lust implies primal feelings that are beyond your control and don't involve a lot of thought.

Love can be passionate and deep, but it's also thoughtful and long-lasting.  True love is something that grows with time, not fades (as lust does).  When you lust for something you usually feel for it with a specific part of you (mental or physical).  When you love something you do it with all of yourself.  Love sustains you for years or a lifetime, and becomes something that you build your life around.

Now look at your relationship with Jesus.  Do you strongly desire Him, pray and have the prayer answered, and then get distracted by other interests?  That's lust.  Do you want to spend time with Him and get to know Him better?  Do you want Him in your life in both good and bad times?  That's love.

Which is it with you?

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