Monday, February 20, 2012

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

This past weekend I was at ConNooga in Chattanooga, TN, our fifth year there as a family and fan group (Fans For Christ).  The service was amazing, and I preached on faith and Green Lanterns.  Here is an excerpt from the sermon, with a modification of the GL oath....

We can look at a power ring as faith.  It’s small, has a rather insignificant appearance, and yet can be the greatest source of power in the universe with the capability to do virtually anything the wielder imagines.  Let’s look at some of these parallels.

1.       The ring focuses the wearer’s willpower.  Without strong willpower, the creations of the ring will be weak.  Faith focuses our belief.  Without strong belief, the actions of faith will be equally as weak.
2.       The ring channels willpower and energy.  It is not the source of the willpower or the energy, but merely a conduit for these things to act.  Similarly our faith is not the source of our power, but the way in which our power works through our belief.
3.       Without the ring, you have nothing.  You can have Hal Jordan’s willpower, but without the ring you can’t do as much.  Our belief in God is strong and powerful, but we much channel it through faith in order to accomplish truly amazing works.
4.       The ring can create amazing constructs that defy natural laws and can be considered impossible.  Faith can break laws of biology and physics just as easily, resulting in healing that doctors can’t explain, money that comes from unexpected sources at just the right time, and news that is better than was expected.
5.       The ring’s energy comes not from the wearer or itself, but from the main power battery on Oa.  The ring is a receiver for this energy and doesn’t actually create it.  The power in our faith doesn’t come from the faith itself, but from God.  God is our power battery, and we can do nothing without His help.  Without the Oan power battery the ring is just jewelry.  Without God, our faith is just as empty.
6.       The ring needs to be recharged every (usually every 24 hours), being placed in a small power battery to draw on the energy of the main power battery.  If we go without prayer, reading the Bible, and fellowship with Christians for too long, we will become drained of spiritual energy and will lose power in our faith.  We need to have these contacts with God daily in order to keep our faith strong.
7.       The energy and constructs of a power ring are visible for all to see, and you can’t easily hide them.  This is actually joked about in the new Justice League comic book.  When we use our faith, the power of God is evident for everyone to see.

Our faith, Biblical faith, is our own power ring.  As cool as it would be to be a Green Lantern, it’s better to be a Christian.  When Satan is attacking us as fiercely as Sinestro or Parallax, call on the power of this faith, and you will prevail.  Take your faith with you everywhere and use it regularly.

In brightest day
In blackest night
With godly faith
I join the fight.
Let Satan tremble
At Jesus’ might
The holy power
Of God’s true light.

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