Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman, Tragedy, And God

I think that by now most people know about the horrible, evil tragedy that happened in Colorado at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.  I've seen reports online from people blaming the movie, Batman in general, and both right- and left-wing political influences.  In today's society it seems like everyone is ready to lay the blame at the feet of someone, anyone other than the person who committed an atrocity.  In our post-modern society many don't believe in "evil".

I do.

I know that there is a devil and that he wants to not only destroy us physically, but spiritually as well.  He wants nothing more than to separate us from God.  Tragedies like this latest one make people wonder, "Where is God?  Where is His mercy?"

I'm not one to speak on this, because I haven't been through that sort of horrible, life-changing event.  So I want to point you to another blog where one of the people in that theater during the shooting answers the question.  Because the author was there with her daughters, she better than anyone I know can speak to this topic.

Follow the link, read the post, and remember that despite the evil of Man, God still loves us and cares for us.

So you STILL think God is a merciful god?!

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