Sunday, August 19, 2012

Into The Lion's Den

As we do every year, Fans For Christ is showing up at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.  As Christian geeks we are an oddity in every sense.  The average church-goer doesn't know what to make of us because we don't look, dress, or act like traditional Christians.  The average geek doesn't know what to make of us because we don't always act or talk like your traditional nerd.  We are a minority in a minority, and proud to be so.

One of the hardest things to do at cons like this is to maintain your faith and Christianity.  Certainly there is nothing evil about liking anime, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and so on.  But there are also certainly influences of Satan present.  Remember that one of the devil's greatest weapons is people's apathy towards God.  When we shine Christ's light in the darkness we are going to get pushed back.

For the few who might read this blog, I ask you to pray for us.  We need God's guidance as we seek to spread the Gospel.  In fact, join us in our 30 Days of Prayer on Facebook.

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