Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Disney Bible

I just read an article today that the Walt Disney Corporation is going to be publishing a new translation of the Bible marketed for the modern youth of the world. The New Disney Bible Translation (NDBT) will be released later this year, with a new animated series on the Disney Channel being prepared to tie-in with the publication. According to the article, there will be some changes made to make the NDBT more appealing to a generation raised by Disney products.

For example, instead of twelve Disciples of Christ, there will be only seven, and each will be associated with one of Snow White's dwarves: Peter as Grumpy, James as Sleepy, and so on. Rather than King Saul trying to kill David multiple times, he will instead merely force him to ride "It's A Small World", which David will escape from (as he escapes from Saul in the other translations). There are others too numerous to mention, so instead I'll direct you to the article linked above.

In the animated series Mary (Jesus' mother) will be voiced by Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus. The temple built by Soloman will be drawn to resemble Cinderella's Castle. Some of the Old Testament characters will be portrayed by classic Disney Characters. Don't believe me? Check out Donald Duck as Noah in one of the early episodes.

Honestly, I'm not sure about this. I can see how it would bring God's word to a new audience, and do it in such a way that might be more appealing to younger people. However, seeing Mickey portray the young David will be a bit strange. Still, I guess God can work in many mysterious ways, and this is probably no different.

Here's what Walt Disney himself had to say about faith.


  1. Ive seen that clip before. Its from Disney's Fantasia 2000.

  2. Yeah, that's the point. Did you see the date or follow the links to the "article"? This was my April Fool's joke, and I thought people who didn't know Disney as well would be a little freaked out by that image. I saw the movie in the theater and own it and the soundtrack. :)