Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 20/80 Rule

It's a general rule in church (and I've heard it in other areas as well) that 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the work and offerings.  I've seen it to be pretty much true, and this really bothers me. So forgive me if I rant a little.

Everyone has different gifts.  Not everyone can preach, sing, teach, or cook.  But some have a gift of organizing.  Some can help clean.  Some can help build for special events.  Some make great greeters or have the gift of hospitality.  Everyone is blessed with different abilities.  And a key is that EVERYONE has something they can offer. So everybody in a congregation has a way that they can join in and help out. However, you will generally see the same people always doing things, and the rest of the church sitting back and letting them.

Tithes are another issue, and really needs a whole 'nother blog.  But once again you'll see about 20% of the people truly giving and the other 80% giving less than they really can or not giving at all.

These numbers bother me, and I don't understand them.  I've never been one to simply sit and warm a pew, and though I can't do everything, I certainly try to use my gifts and do my part. To me it's simply giving back to God, using His blessings to find a way to serve other people.  When I see people not participating I wonder if they realize that they're being selfish and hoarding God's gifts to them.  I wonder if they realize that all of the events at the church and the classes don't magically happen on their own.  I wonder if they realize that they're denying themselves further blessings by not allowing God to truly work through them.

If you're one of these people, please stop and look at what God has done in your life.  If another person gives you a Christmas present, don't you want to give something back to them?  Serving in the church is a big way that you can give back to God.

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