Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Tiny Fingers Of God

The greatest miracle of this season is the birth of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate the coming of our Lord and Savior, and talk about him being the Lord of lords, King of kings, Prince of peace, and so on.  Christ is majestic and holy, glorious and mighty, and we need to never forget that.  But I think that the extent of the miracle is sometimes forgotten.

Jesus was born human.  It's so hard for us to understand this because He is God incarnate, a holy being brought into a mortal form.  We honor and acknowledge His divinity, but forget His mortality.  Jesus was perfect, but He was also as human as the rest of us, with all that being human entails.

When Mary gave birth to Jesus, there were labor pains and contractions.  She had to change Jesus and clean him up after he went to the bathroom.  Jesus had to learn how to walk, as being ethically and spiritually perfect doesn't give automatic balance; this means he also would have fallen down and bruised himself.  Jesus had to learn how to talk as any child does.  He had to learn his father's tade, how to read, write, and count.  Jesus Christ had to grow, learn, and develop just like any of the rest of us. 

To me, this makes the miracle of Jesus even more special.  He truly experienced everything that we do.  He had challenges and hardships just like the rest of us.  He had siblings to deal with, adults to learn from, and pains to deal with.  Having gone through all of this makes Him even better at understanding us and being able to intercede for us before God.

Let's celebrate the miracle of the birth of Jesus as a human. And recognize that the true miracle is that Christ is just as human as He is divine.  The true miracle is not His birth, but Jesus himself!

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