Sunday, June 13, 2010

Loving God

Though I haven't posted on this blog for a while, I have continued to work on my Love Dare with God.  Family vacation and business travels have prevented me from blogging, but I have been trying to follow God and become closer to him.  Here's a summary of the last week or so of challenges.

One of the tasks was to come up with the good things about God.  That was easy, and I quickly listed loving, patient, powerful, Grace, caring always there, and forgiving.  The next task was to write down the negative things about God.  How do you do that if he's perfect and good?  So I thought of the things related to God that bother me.  He is too mysterious, he doesn't tell me His plans, and He sometimes doesn't seem to communicate clearly.  Really, though, these are all problems with my understanding of God and my own patience, not characteristics of God Himself.  The second list was thrown away as a representation of letting go of the things I don't like.

The next several days involved me doing something for God with enthusiasm, doing something out of the ordinary that proves my love for Him, meet His need, giving in on an area of disagreement with Him, and coming up with rules for when we fight.  As with many parts of this self-induced challenge, these have been difficult to do.  It is hard to find things to do for God, or at least I've not been very successful in discovering them.  I also do believe that any time I argue with God, I'm the one who loses.  After all, how can I be right and God be wrong?  I have ended up trying to pray more, talk to Him more, and thank Him more.  I think it's also been difficult since I've traveled a lot over the last two weeks and haven't been in areas that I know and can find things to do.  Maybe that's just an excuse, but I know God knows my heart and knows that I'm sincerely trying.

It's now been 13 days.  Do I feel closer to God?  Yes.  But I'm not even half-way through this journey.

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