Thursday, June 3, 2010

Offering Some Help

It's been an interesting couple of days for the Love Dare.  Yesterday I was supposed to buy something special and unexpected.  How do you buy something for God? So I thought that I would give money to a cause or somehow help out someone in need as God led me.  However, I was at the zoo with my family all day and then at my father's in the evening, so I never saw an opportunity present itself.  I'm not giving up on that one yet, and will continue to look for some way to fulfill this challenge.

Today's task was to call up God at some point during the day and ask Him if I could do anything to help him.  For spouses the intent is to give of ourselves and not expect the spouse to always be the one to do something.  In this case I "called" God (prayed) a few times today to let Him know that I was thinking about Him, and then asked if there was anything He needed me to do for Him.

Me do something for God?  Well, He's God, so if he can't do it what chance to I have?  But the point isn't for me to do something that He's incapable of doing, it's to offer to do something in the first place.  It's putting His needs before my own.  It's looking to make sure His goals are reached before my own personal ones.  And it really is the thought that counts.  I can't say that God directed me to do anything in particular, which is okay since the challenge was to offer help as needed.

So where am I now that I've been at this for four days?  Well, I'm finding that taking this particular challenge is tricky when directed at an incorporeal being.  But it's making me more aware of Him than I have been in a long time, and that's not a bad thing.

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