Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remembering God....Or Not

So my journey through The Love Dare with God continues, despite less frequent blog entries.  I have been following the book every day, and as before am finding some challenges easier than others.  Giving up one of my own interests to spend time with God?  Easy...I spend a little less time on the computer and trade that time for prayer and reading the Bible.  Trusting Christ for my salvation (the latest Dare)?  Well, it's easy but I did that twelve years ago. Showing honor and respect above the normal routine?  A little harder.

But my real challenge has been remembering God throughout the day.  When I did the Dares with my wife I would see her physically for hours each day and talk to her throughout the day.  That physical and audible presence was hard to ignore.  Though God should be even more prominent, His presence is more spiritual and less obvious, making it easier to forget.

Wow. Forgetting God.  That sounds pretty harsh.  I mean, I pray and talk to Him throughout the day, but it's in shorter periods of time.  As much as I hate to admit it, I can get caught up in my own daily chores and routines and put God aside.  That's the worst thing we can do and the wrong way to order our lives.  But it's apparently easy.

But that's the reason for my 40 day journey.  I'm becoming more aware of my relationship with Him and how I fail in that.  Hopefully that will lead to better changes and a stronger bond.  We have to recognize our shortcomings before we can overcome them.


  1. how does one see what is unseen?

    Through right conduct, actions, right thought.

    One time I worked with a woman that hated me. Nothing i did was good enough. She always thought I had something against her.

    I wanted her to like me. I wanted her to be nice to me.
    I also hated her.

    I prayed for her, I prayed all her wishes come true,I prayed she would be happy ( still hating her).Perhaps i prayed 3000 times for her over a few months?
    One day ( we worked in the food business at that time) I washed my hands after we made some cookies.
    She said to me " oh I am so gross that you have to wash your hands after working with me?"

    At that moment a big bubble burst and I had a clear vision that everything she did or said was because she hated herself. It was not personal to me at all. In fact I knew in that moment she had been suffering greatly.

    It made me feel alot of compassion for her suffering. From that day on we never had another problem.

    I was not seeking god, I was not really trying to be of help to her either,( remember I wanted her to like me? Pretty selfish) but despite myself I understood that God is not found by looking for him but by trying to use spiritual principles in every day life.

  2. Great wisdom and insight! Thanks for sharing that!