Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting Rid Of Distractions

Lately my Love Dare challenges have had to do with eliminating distractions in my life, especially sin.  Sometimes that's not as easy as you would imagine.  There are so many things in life that can distract us from God:  work, family, bills, TV, computers, books, and so on.  We spend so much time on these other things and comparatively little time reading the Bible and praying.  Our true priorities are reflected in how we arrange our time.

So today before getting on the computer I read my Bible and prayed.  I read my next challenge in the Love Dare and spent some time with God.  This was backward from my normal routine but felt really nice.  It was more relaxing to spend those moments in the Word than on my laptop.

So as I go into my last week or so of the challenge, pray that I continue to put Him first.


  1. I understand what you are saying and it is important to have time to study and reflect.

    However the real temptation for me is to say there are distractions from God.

    I try to remind myself that there is no power, separation or ideal I can have that is apart from God. The only thing to practise is good intentions, being careful of the laws of cause and effect.

    For example let’s say I pull onto the highway from an on-ramp. Perhaps the car next to me speeds up, the car behind me slows down, the car behind that one changes lanes and so on. From my one action it can effect the flows of traffic for a week? More? Who knows really maybe the flow of traffic is effected for a year or more. It is quite possible that simple action of me pulling onto the highway could cause an accident that may happen a day later from the changes in traffic. (My actions being the cause of subsequent re-actions). So "cause" is me pulling onto the highway and "effect" is the results.

    I would think then it is very important that during the day I take great care in my actions. In doing so I do think I am more open to love, compassion and introspection. So to believe in separation during the day in any activity could be not being conscious of my actions.

    Jesus gave us two great tools for conscious contact during our day. Love thy neighbour as thyself and pray for those that persecute us.

  2. Amen to all of that. You put it very well and I appreciate the thoughts.