Sunday, July 11, 2010

Less Of Me

Something hit me today (no not literally).  My quest to do The Love Dare with God has been all about focusing on Him.  Each of the task has had me think of God and how I relate to him.  The idea behind it is that God becomes the most important thing in my life and not myself.

John the Baptist thought similarly.  As recorded in John 3, when he was recognized as coming before the Messiah he downplayed his own importance.  He must become greater; I must become less. (John 3:30)  John recognized that emphasizing himself was the wrong thing to do.  God is infinitely greater than we are, and we are nothing compared to Him.  When we want to see Him working, often we get in the way.  We spend so much time trying to do things ourselves and forget that God is the one who really gets things done.  Whether it's in our lives or in a ministry, in prayer or in a specific need, we work hard to reach a goal or accomplish a task.  The less that happens, the more we put effort into it.  Then we get frustrated when it doesn't happen.

Too many times I concentrate on me and my needs.  Me, me, me.  My, my, my.  I, I, I.  What I really need to do is focus on God.  As hard as it is, I need to let go of my problems and turn them over to Him.  I need to keep Christ the primary focus of my life.  My thoughts and prayers need to be more about Him than about myself.  It needs to be less about me and more about Him.

If we change our focus, we can see God at work.  It's like emptying a vessel.  When we pour ourselves out, God can pour Himself in.  And when we let God be the main thing in our lives we will see things happen that are impossible through ourselves.

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  1. How exciting to see that someone else used the Love Dare to grow in their relationship with God!

    Thanks for sharing - I will be starting next week and I feel like the little boy on the Disney World commercial "I'm so excited I can't staaaaaand it!"

    My 40-day challenge will be two-fold: first and foremost to strengthen my relationship with God and secondly, to help me grow in relationsihps.

    Thanks again - very encouraging (and validating that I haven't gone bonkers!)