Friday, July 16, 2010

God LOVES Nerds!

Today I came across this little doozy.  Apparently a church is protesting the San Diego ComiCon by having signs that read "God Hates Nerds". This is the same group that has their home page address as "".  They have become infamous in the media for protesting funerals, celebrating dead soldiers, and other hateful things.  I've been fuming for most of the day because of their latest actions.

My participation in the ministry of Fans For Christ has shown me that there are some good, born-again, Christian people that like sci-fi, anime, comic books, and attend cons.  Heck, I'm one of them.  Interest in these things doesn't exclude you from being a Christian.  A main focus of FFC is to show non-Christian fans that Christianity is inclusive, not exclusive, and that not all Christians are spiteful and hateful.

I went to the church's site and read more about their beliefs.  The more I read the more upset that I became.  Yes, they bring up scriptures to support their viewpoints.  And yes, God does abhor sinful behaviors.  But the message of the New Testament is that God loves everybody and wants everybody to come to Him.  No matter what the sinful behavior, it can be forgiven and you can have a relationship with God.  Yes, sometimes Jesus was blunt and even harsh, but he was also loving, patient, and forgiving.  This group seems to be concentrating on the former and forgetting the latter.

I also have to wonder just how many people will seek Jesus because of signs like "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates Nerds".  As a Christian that turns me off.  If God is really that hateful, I don't want to have anything to do with him.  Now I know that God isn't really like this, so I can see their error.  But what about people whose only exposure to Christianity is groups like this?  What does this group project that people would actually want.  They don't even believe in praying for the salvation of sinners!!!  Yes, that's right...says it right there in their FAQ.

I really wish I could be there when God sits down to have a few words about love and forgiveness with these people.


  1. Thanks for this. Maybe you dont get a lot of comments, but Im certainly reading for now on. Im a big nerd myself [and believe in Christ] and I was completely torn by one of those signs you so mentioned above. I was like, "No, how can this be? God loves everyone." I find it extremely hard to believe that God would hate one of his children simply because they love comics and such. Anyway, Upon seeing one of those signs on the internet, I googled the scripture they were referring to and found it irrelevant to God hating nerds.

    Then something compelled me to google "God loves nerds" Maybe I was subconsciously listening to where God willed me to go. I think that may be it. But, Anyway, Im glad I found your blog.

    -Sophia. :]

  2. Glad this could be a help to you, Sophia. I'm a moderator at (I use the name "Swordsman") and you'll find many other Christian nerds and geeks there.

    I think this group is horribly misguided. I know that they are in the minority of Christians, but their voice carries further than the rest of us. I'm just glad that God isn't really as hateful as they make Him out to be!

  3. I think God hates nerds is very funny. That is like saying my dog hates the new york times. Not comparing God to a dog but the point is God knows nothing of hate.

    I have hated many people and things myself. What ends up happening is I suffer, the person or thing I hate does not suffer but I sure do.

    I become depressed, angry, tired, alone, sad.
    I lose enjoyment, my life gets smaller and the hate increases.

    I think those people that hate in the name of god must be really suffering. That is so horrible for them. My wish for them is they find joy , happiness and hope in a harsh world.
    They must be hurting so badly. I hope their pain ends soon.

    As far as turning off poeple to God, well we have many wonderful examples of hate in the name of God all through history, this is just a dust flake in the realm of what we have done in the name of God.

    A man once told me, someone prayed for you and that why you seek god. Maybe that prayer was done 1000 years ago or 10 years ago. I don't know who, how or why.

    Would it be right to do the same for them?

  4. From what I hear,Swordsman - that is the same group who was the DragonCon parade last year with the Going to Hell signs.

    I really dislike them as they exhibt the same behaviors that the world likes to say all Christians do.